One goal accomplished…

This arrived today. It’s official. One goal in life accomplished!

AR Associate Instructor

Linda Hobkirk, Associate Instructor, Arkansas

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher. I was not able to finish college back in the 70’s, so I never imagined I would see “instructor” beside my name. Today, I am honored to have the official “Associate Instructor” certificate. I now have the privilege of helping real estate agents in Arkansas become better.

I believe that education is very important in this industry.  It’s important that we adapt to technology, the way we use it to teach agents and what we teach. The real life of day to day, from instructors that are in the field every day helping people buy and sell real estate. I believe this will “raise the bar” as they say. They are many people in this industry working to help make real estate professionals better. I am proud to now be apart of the change in educating agents.

Never ever give up, this goal took many, many years and many twist in turns in life to accomplish!







Service, service, service

So another Monday afternoon in NWA…cloudy skies and a chance of rain today….

So today I ask – What does service mean to you?

 I don’t mean the actual serving in the armed service service –  as there is really no way to say “Thank You” enough to all of our Service men and women; but everyday dealings with people who serve you. From your server at the place you have lunch or dinner, or the person that does your dry cleaning,or the real estate agent that helps you buy or sell a home, or the person that is a cashier at your local supermarket and the list goes on…in one way or the other we are all in the service business.

Service to me means being the best you can be!! Give that person a warm smile or stop to chat a moment or maybe ask how their day is…. serving people is something we all do every day – be the best that you can be!!

Have a fabulous day!