One goal accomplished…

This arrived today. It’s official. One goal in life accomplished!

AR Associate Instructor

Linda Hobkirk, Associate Instructor, Arkansas

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher. I was not able to finish college back in the 70’s, so I never imagined I would see “instructor” beside my name. Today, I am honored to have the official “Associate Instructor” certificate. I now have the privilege of helping real estate agents in Arkansas become better.

I believe that education is very important in this industry.  It’s important that we adapt to technology, the way we use it to teach agents and what we teach. The real life of day to day, from instructors that are in the field every day helping people buy and sell real estate. I believe this will “raise the bar” as they say. They are many people in this industry working to help make real estate professionals better. I am proud to now be apart of the change in educating agents.

Never ever give up, this goal took many, many years and many twist in turns in life to accomplish!







Predicting the NW Arkansas real estate market …

Predicting the real estate market….

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Predicting the real estate market…

The question I hear most is: “How is the real estate market, and where do you see the increase in growth in NW Arkansas in the next 3 – 5 years? 

My answer is usually – let me look into my “Crystal Ball”…  (I say, somewhat jokingly.)

Predicting the real estate market in any area is created by supply and demand. Location, location, location will always bring the better investment. As a professional real estate agent, you study past and current trends, you have lived with the growth, you are aware of what the city and county planners have on the twenty year projections; however, you can never predict human nature. What a buyer emotionally feels when entering the house will determine the value of the property. When a property is priced within their budget, in a location that they desire, that buyer is willing to pay a fair market price based on knowledgable facts from their real estate agent.

The Northwest Arkansas area draws people from all over the world to work with vendors that supply WalMart. Every product you see in a WalMart store is represented by an office here in the NWA area. Some are quite large, like Proctor & Gamble and Hershey’s, while others may be only a small one person office. Many people relocate to this area everyday bringing their families for possibly a short 3 – 5 years here. It’s important to make the right financial choice, as well as manage the emotional feelings.

Living here for 25 years, I have experienced the explosion of growth all over NWA. The scramble for this area is to keep up with the transportation, schools and housing demands. We are in a state of constant change! We have become a desirable destination to live, work and play. All indicators show the NWA area will see continued growth over the next many years. So many opportunities are here. Each day brings news of companies moving or expanding here.

If you would like to chat with me about what I see in the “crystal ball”, connect with me. I am here to share my 15 years of real estate market info with buyers and sellers in the Northwest Arkansas area.

“I predict the future is good for Northwest Arkansas!”



The secret is out…

 The other day I had the rare opportunity to get in the car and cruise around Bentonville Arkansas. It’s not very often that I can sneak away and drive around town without having buyers in the car or on a mission involving real estate! Don’t get me wrong – I love what I do. Sometimes – you just have to cruise around town by your self!

 A windy, cool, mid-week day made it fairly quiet on the square.  The renovations of the first store of  Sam Walton have been completed; today they had his old Ford truck parked in front! I had a chance, brief encounter with Mr. Sam Walton and his brother Bud when I first arrived in this area. They both appeared to be just good home town men.  At that time in 1992,  I really had no concept of what Wal-Mart was and no idea that it would become the world’s largest retailer.

It was a little early for the noon time rush at the great restaurants around the square. If you are in town – you must make plans eat one of them! I am fond of several, but a great steak burger at The Station Cafe is always good for the soul; but not for the waistline! No I didn’t have on on this journey. It’s a meal to share with friends.

Leaving the square I headed northeast passing the construction site of the new 21c posh hotel coming Spring of 2013. Another added boast to the overall economy in this area! No one out on the skating rink today – it’s a fun place to take the kiddos!

I love driving around and seeing many of the older homes in various stages of reconstruction. Lots of hammers were heard in the background as I cruised up to see the new back look out area for the Crystal Bridges Museum

This overlook area is convenietly located on NW A street with public parking and restrooms, with very easy access to the walking trail. This new overlook is of the back side of the museum and was a place used to observe the construction. It now offers stone benches and a serene view of the copper roofs. Wonderful aromas waft from the museum restaurant, Eleven as they prepare to serve lunch. The walking and biking trails that surround this beautiful place are wonderful. The cities in Northwest Arkansas are really promoting and supporting the trail system.

After driving through several of the surrounding areas of downtown, I headed west to check out some new subdivions that I hadn’t been in since the new construction building started again in earnest a couple of months ago. The growing pains have been especially hard on the traffic flows – personally I don’t think the people on the planning stages 20 years ago had any idea of the growth that would occur here. This area at one time was more farmland and apple trees than buildings and freeways. So therefore, it’s grow and catch up at the same time.

A snapshot of the past on the way to present day subdivisions. I saw many crumbling buildings along the way to the several new building areas – this one just stuck with me. It’s sad in a lot of ways, and yet growth to survive is also necessary for towns.

 New freeways are coming in around here, streets are being widen,  more houses are coming and more people are moving in.  Growth is essential for survival. Northwest Arkansas has been placed on the map as one of the Top  12 Travel & Leisure destinations for 2012.

Our little secret is out – Northwest Arkansas

is the place to live!