My first 100 Days…


Today I am celebrating my first 100 days with RE/MAX Real Estate Results.

I look back just a short time ago, when I took the action of changing real estate brokerages after 13 years. Was making the change a little scary at this point in my life? Yes. Was it the fear of uncertainty? Yes. Was it the fear of actually taking action without knowing what would happen? Yes.

Was it worth it? YES!

When you follow the path to your passion, it is truly amazing to see the blessings that come forth. My real estate business continues to thrive, the opportunity to teach is coming together, and each day I can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Don’t let the fear of pursuing your dreams and passions stop you. Sometimes change is needing to keep the flame going. Move forward through life doing what you love, have the passion, take the action that inspires you and the magic will happen!

Here’s to the next 100 days of helping people in real estate and life…




Successful house hunting!



Don’t you love the front porch and curb appeal on this home?

This is one example of a successful house hunt in the Rogers area of  Northwest Arkansas.

I have the pleasure of representing The Cooper family on the purchase of this beautiful home. A little background – I assisted The Cooper family over 10 years ago when they moved from this area. Upon their return to NWA and the decision to start locating a home here again – they reached out to me! Just proves that real estate is about the relationships you make along the way.

This mature neighborhood offers meandering streets, large trees, and close is to everything a busy family wants or needs.We can’t share any inside pictures or purchase price yet, as we have just completed the home inspection, and are on the road to close this home early July! I can share that this home has had a beautiful make over with granite counters, wood floors, soothing colors, and a fantastic tree house in the back yard!

Successful house hunting – this is why I enjoy working as a REALTOR®. The feeling of complete satisfaction when we find a home and area that works perfect for everyone!

Please contact me if you are looking to  sell a home or to have a successful house hunting experience in Northwest Arkansas.  With over 12 years assisting people from all over the world moving in and out of this area, I can help you! I look forward to hearing from you.


Predicting the NW Arkansas real estate market …

Predicting the real estate market….

ball logo

Predicting the real estate market…

The question I hear most is: “How is the real estate market, and where do you see the increase in growth in NW Arkansas in the next 3 – 5 years? 

My answer is usually – let me look into my “Crystal Ball”…  (I say, somewhat jokingly.)

Predicting the real estate market in any area is created by supply and demand. Location, location, location will always bring the better investment. As a professional real estate agent, you study past and current trends, you have lived with the growth, you are aware of what the city and county planners have on the twenty year projections; however, you can never predict human nature. What a buyer emotionally feels when entering the house will determine the value of the property. When a property is priced within their budget, in a location that they desire, that buyer is willing to pay a fair market price based on knowledgable facts from their real estate agent.

The Northwest Arkansas area draws people from all over the world to work with vendors that supply WalMart. Every product you see in a WalMart store is represented by an office here in the NWA area. Some are quite large, like Proctor & Gamble and Hershey’s, while others may be only a small one person office. Many people relocate to this area everyday bringing their families for possibly a short 3 – 5 years here. It’s important to make the right financial choice, as well as manage the emotional feelings.

Living here for 25 years, I have experienced the explosion of growth all over NWA. The scramble for this area is to keep up with the transportation, schools and housing demands. We are in a state of constant change! We have become a desirable destination to live, work and play. All indicators show the NWA area will see continued growth over the next many years. So many opportunities are here. Each day brings news of companies moving or expanding here.

If you would like to chat with me about what I see in the “crystal ball”, connect with me. I am here to share my 15 years of real estate market info with buyers and sellers in the Northwest Arkansas area.

“I predict the future is good for Northwest Arkansas!”



Busy time in real estate!

So I thought I would be able to start a blog and actually keep up with it! Oh such good intentions we have when we start something new….

Between acquiring more beautiful homes to market for sale and buyers ready to jump on the very low interest rates; it’s very difficult to find time to chat on a blog that no one really pays attention to anyway!!!

For anyone that does read this blog –

The real estate market in Northwest Arkansas continues to keep good agents working – those agents willing to take care of their customers needs will continue to stay busy. If you know the market, meaning the product that you are representing, can analyze some numbers, and treat your customers the way you would like to be treated – you will succeed! It helps to absolutely LOVE what you do ~ because it shows every time you are talking real estate.

A couple of days ago, I met with a past client that purchased a home four years ago with my assistance and is now relocating his family east. During our meeting many questions were asked from both sides ~ at one point the gentleman starts laughing and says ” this is why you are the only one we would work with ~ your honesty is so refreshing! Can we take you with us out of state to buy our next home?” To me, that was the best compliment I could ever receive!!

No amount of money can give you that kind of feeling inside – when people really appreciate the work you do. Many people don’t have a clue how real estate agents get paid and I won’t get into the details; I’ll save that for another blog! I will share that it’s not easy money… It can be expensive and you work long hours, you are your own boss yes – but I don’t get any of the pie until the home closes between buyers and sellers…and the pie slice isn’t as much as you might think. You must love what you do and I love being busy in real estate!

The market here is going strong and I believe we will continue to keep a steady pace. This area offers some beautiful neighborhoods and the fantastic Crystal Bridges Museum in downtown Bentonville AR opening in a few weeksCrystal Bridges Museum will certainly draw many more people to this area.

Thankful it’s a busy time in real estate ~