One goal accomplished…

This arrived today. It’s official. One goal in life accomplished!

AR Associate Instructor

Linda Hobkirk, Associate Instructor, Arkansas

When I was a little girl, I always wanted to be a teacher. I was not able to finish college back in the 70’s, so I never imagined I would see “instructor” beside my name. Today, I am honored to have the official “Associate Instructor” certificate. I now have the privilege of helping real estate agents in Arkansas become better.

I believe that education is very important in this industry.  It’s important that we adapt to technology, the way we use it to teach agents and what we teach. The real life of day to day, from instructors that are in the field every day helping people buy and sell real estate. I believe this will “raise the bar” as they say. They are many people in this industry working to help make real estate professionals better. I am proud to now be apart of the change in educating agents.

Never ever give up, this goal took many, many years and many twist in turns in life to accomplish!







My first 100 Days…


Today I am celebrating my first 100 days with RE/MAX Real Estate Results.

I look back just a short time ago, when I took the action of changing real estate brokerages after 13 years. Was making the change a little scary at this point in my life? Yes. Was it the fear of uncertainty? Yes. Was it the fear of actually taking action without knowing what would happen? Yes.

Was it worth it? YES!

When you follow the path to your passion, it is truly amazing to see the blessings that come forth. My real estate business continues to thrive, the opportunity to teach is coming together, and each day I can help make a difference in someone’s life.

Don’t let the fear of pursuing your dreams and passions stop you. Sometimes change is needing to keep the flame going. Move forward through life doing what you love, have the passion, take the action that inspires you and the magic will happen!

Here’s to the next 100 days of helping people in real estate and life…



Happy New Year – a 366 day Year!


Tonight millions of people all over the world will be toasting in a new year as the clock strikes Midnight.

A new beginning, a time to reflect, a time to dream, a time to remember, a time to be thankful, and a time to dream of making the world a better place…

I raise my glass of bubbly and say a cheer to 2016 –  a Leap Year! Yes, the gift of an “extra” day – 366 days! This only occurs every 4 years.

This gift of ONE more day  will allow “extra” hours to help someone, to put a smile on someone’s face, to give your time to a cause, to make a difference in someone’s life, to give a hug, to mentor, to share time with those you love, to do that one thing “extra”that could make a difference in the world.

What will you do with an extra day in 2016?

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Year’s celebration! May the next 366 days bring you love, joy, health and happiness.



Old Barns…

Old Barn North Bentonville AR -1Old Barns intrigue me. This particular one rests in a small valley in north Bentonville, Arkansas. I came across it taking a short cut road as I was heading to a listing prospect a few days ago.

I stopped briefly on the two lane country road to snap a picture out the car window. I noticed later that I had captured the swaying fence that ran along the perimeter.

Do you ever wonder about the history behind the rusty tin roof and weathered wood? We can only imagine the stories within.

The setting was gorgeous and had me wondering all day the stories behind this Old Barn…

Crocheted Bike

Look closely and you will see the intricate details and creativity. It’s amazing! Who thinks to do something like this?
Hanging on the wall at The Pressroom.


Invasion of the WalMart Shareholders in Northwest Arkansas…


WalMart headquarters Bentonville Arkansas

The invasion of the WalMart Shareholders kicked off today…

Approx. 20,000 plus people  will descend upon Northwest Arkansas area for the next week. From all over the world, associates and shareholders come to see what the retail giant has accomplished, what the future plans are, and to see the sights of #NWA.

WalMart Amp

WalMart Amp – #NWA newest outdoor concert place

At least 3 – 4 times a week, I pass by the corner of Walton Blvd. and Eighth Street in Bentonville Arkansas. This week, that area and along with Downtown Bentonville, will be avoided at all cost by the “locals”! Streets are blocked off for the tons of buses carrying people in to see where it all began for WalMart. The locals know well enough to stay away from many areas this week!

Pretty sure that many will visit the beautiful Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art while they are in town. So fortunate to have this wonderful museum here.

The new WalMart Amp opens this Wed. featuring Blake Shelton. We won’t be attending, as tickets went quick at $5…(won’t get into that subject right now.) It will be interesting to see how the traffic in that area handles the estimated 6000 concert goers!

Miranda Lambert, is rumored to be part of the actual ceremony on Friday at the Bud Walton Arena, along with other secret celebrities. WalMart does bring in big name celebrities! You never  who you will see in the area.


WalMart headquarters at the corner of Walton and Eighth Street in Bentonville AR

No matter your thoughts on the retail giant – it certainly has put Northwest Arkansas on the map! And to think I had no clue 22 years ago what the heck WalMart was about when I moved to a then sleepy Northwest Arkansas town!

It’s going to be a traffic nightmare with the Invasion of the WalMart Shareholders and associates this week. Be patient locals, and please extend a warm welcome to our guests.




Old Brick


I love old brick walls and buildings.
Don’t you?

This one is located in downtown Bentonville AR. I love the color variations and the roughness.
This building has been a part of the downtown area
for many years and hope it remains for many more.