“Where Everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came”…

Inman Connect Ambassadors

23 more sleeps as “they” say until my experience begins as an Ambassador for Inman Connect San Francisco 2015. Excited, nervous, anxious, humbled and honored are some of the feelings I’ve been experiencing since I was asked to be an Inman Connect Ambassador. One of 40 people who will do the very best to “connect people” and keep everyone informed of what’s happening in the real world of real estate and technology.

I attended my first Inman Connect last summer, #ICSF2014.  I was excited to  attend as I knew many of the 2014 Ambassadors from my years being with Coldwell Banker. The moment I walked in, it was like a scene from “Cheers”! “Where Everybody knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” Okay, so I had a big badge hanging on me with my name, that did make it easier to “connect” with people from all over the world. I made friends at the sessions, made more new friends in the lobby (hint: a great place to meet up with wonderful peeps!), took Uber rides down Lombard Street together, had many lunches with wonderful people, and a very special group tour of the Anchor Brewery – so many great memories of the wonderful times with fabulous people. It was an amazing week to learn and make new friends!

If you have never attended Inman Connect, get your ticket now! Use my special Ambassador code to get a discount! 

Oh, and Vendor Ally is really cool too with all the new ‘things’ happening in the tech world and real estate.

If you are a first time attendee or hesitant about meeting someone – Come find me! My goal is to make you feel like “Everybody Knows Your Name” and to “Connect” you with amazing people who will become your friends through this journey called life.

See you in San Fransisco in 23 more sleeps….#ICSF2015.

Where Everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came”…IMG_0559


Old Barns…

Old Barn North Bentonville AR -1Old Barns intrigue me. This particular one rests in a small valley in north Bentonville, Arkansas. I came across it taking a short cut road as I was heading to a listing prospect a few days ago.

I stopped briefly on the two lane country road to snap a picture out the car window. I noticed later that I had captured the swaying fence that ran along the perimeter.

Do you ever wonder about the history behind the rusty tin roof and weathered wood? We can only imagine the stories within.

The setting was gorgeous and had me wondering all day the stories behind this Old Barn…

A Storm drain in the most unique place…

I am always fascinated when I see this unusual storm drain covers. Or as we called it growing up – a manhole cover. I have seen many drain covers over the years, some are beautiful works of art, others plain and hardly noticeable.

This one is the most unusual to me – not only as a piece of art, but the location!

Unique Storm Drain Cover

It is located within a buildings interior! Any idea of where and which establishment that it is in? Hint – it’s in Rogers Arkansas.

Stress of packing…

The stress of packing in the middle of winter for someone who only travels a few times a year is crazy!  The one thing that is keeping me super excited is knowing that I get to spend time with this fabulous group of smart, intelligent, funny and uplifting people in New York City at Inman Connect!

What a wonderful group of Ambassadors!I believe that I might be the only real estate agent in the #NWArk area (that I know of) that is attending one of the most elite gatherings of real estate and technology people in the country. A big thank you to Coldwell Banker Harris McHaney & Faucette for sending me on behalf of the company to learn and share all the amazing things happening in the real estate world.

Hosted by Brad Inman, Inman Connect is where the rubber meets the road, as they say! Speakers this year will include Rupert Murdock and Barbara Corcoran. Looking forward to hearing them and everyone else in the industry sharing insights and future trends.

Excited to see all my friends and meeting new ones. It is so wonderful when you take online connections to real life!

Now back to the stress of packing….or maybe just take an empty suitcase and shop my way thru New York City!

Crocheted Bike

Look closely and you will see the intricate details and creativity. It’s amazing! Who thinks to do something like this?
Hanging on the wall at The Pressroom.


IMPORTANT – Beaver Lake Dock permits

Please read this information if you have any desire to get a boat dock permit on Beaver Lake – deadline approaching quickly!

Community Boat Dock Beaver Lake

“The Army Corps of Engineers’ Beaver Project Office will temporarily suspend shoreline activity requests for Beaver Lake beginning Feb. 1, 2015 until spring 2016 to establish a baseline of the lake for officials to use while revising its 38-year-old master plan. New requests must be received or postmarked by Jan. 31, 2015.”

All the detailed information from the U. S. Corp of Engineers can be found at this link: Beaver Lake Shoreline .

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like more information.

photo credit: U.S. Corp of Engineers

it’s 24 days to Christmas…have you sent your letter to Santa?

Out and about Downtown Bentonville  yesterday and spotted a direct delivery to the North Pole, located at the Ice skating Rink in Lawrence Plaza. How neat is that – take the kids and drop their wish lists in direct to Santa!

North Pole Express

North Pole Express

Oh, how I remember writing letters to Santa as a child. The excitement. The wonders of it all. My brother and I looking at the catalog’s and dreaming of the toys that he would bring…of course we were always “good” that year!! The special time spent with my Papo as he looked over our shoulders to see what we were asking for and Mamo always checking the spelling and grammar.

We anxiously waited for the postman to arrive to take our letters to the North Pole. It seemed like the longest time before Christmas morning arrived to see if we were naughty or nice in Santa’s eyes.

Me and Santa

me and Santa Circa 1960

Only years later would I learn that “Santa” was my Papo..My grandfather was the director of the YMCA and a Red Cross volunteer, so each year he would visit children as “Santa”. As I got older, I was able to be an “elf” for a few years. The joy in children’s eyes when they spot Santa is magical!

Have you been naughty or nice? Get your letters in the mail to Santa.

Make memories with children and grandchildren…it lasts forever.