Happy New Year – a 366 day Year!


Tonight millions of people all over the world will be toasting in a new year as the clock strikes Midnight.

A new beginning, a time to reflect, a time to dream, a time to remember, a time to be thankful, and a time to dream of making the world a better place…

I raise my glass of bubbly and say a cheer to 2016 –  a Leap Year! Yes, the gift of an “extra” day – 366 days! This only occurs every 4 years.

This gift of ONE more day  will allow “extra” hours to help someone, to put a smile on someone’s face, to give your time to a cause, to make a difference in someone’s life, to give a hug, to mentor, to share time with those you love, to do that one thing “extra”that could make a difference in the world.

What will you do with an extra day in 2016?

Wishing everyone a very happy and safe New Year’s celebration! May the next 366 days bring you love, joy, health and happiness.




A Storm drain in the most unique place…

I am always fascinated when I see this unusual storm drain covers. Or as we called it growing up – a manhole cover. I have seen many drain covers over the years, some are beautiful works of art, others plain and hardly noticeable.

This one is the most unusual to me – not only as a piece of art, but the location!

Unique Storm Drain Cover

It is located within a buildings interior! Any idea of where and which establishment that it is in? Hint – it’s in Rogers Arkansas.

it’s 24 days to Christmas…have you sent your letter to Santa?

Out and about Downtown Bentonville  yesterday and spotted a direct delivery to the North Pole, located at the Ice skating Rink in Lawrence Plaza. How neat is that – take the kids and drop their wish lists in direct to Santa!

North Pole Express

North Pole Express

Oh, how I remember writing letters to Santa as a child. The excitement. The wonders of it all. My brother and I looking at the catalog’s and dreaming of the toys that he would bring…of course we were always “good” that year!! The special time spent with my Papo as he looked over our shoulders to see what we were asking for and Mamo always checking the spelling and grammar.

We anxiously waited for the postman to arrive to take our letters to the North Pole. It seemed like the longest time before Christmas morning arrived to see if we were naughty or nice in Santa’s eyes.

Me and Santa

me and Santa Circa 1960

Only years later would I learn that “Santa” was my Papo..My grandfather was the director of the YMCA and a Red Cross volunteer, so each year he would visit children as “Santa”. As I got older, I was able to be an “elf” for a few years. The joy in children’s eyes when they spot Santa is magical!

Have you been naughty or nice? Get your letters in the mail to Santa.

Make memories with children and grandchildren…it lasts forever.

It’s now been 1463 days have passed….Life goes on…




As everyone gathers at the cemetery to ride in your memory, I’m sitting here feeling “yucky” thinking of the last 1463 days. Each day I pass the place I held your hand for the last time. Each day I miss you my friend. 💜


The last few days have been especially difficult for me…
Very few married woman,in my opinion,are fortunate enough to have a very, very dear male friend. One who could hop on his scoot and ride the mile up the road in his “scooby do undies” in the middle of winter to ask “You got any coffee?” We would sit around and chat for hours. Some of his adventures were more than I wanted to hear about! Over the last 10 years our friendship developed to more like a brother/sister relationship.

We could talk and share anything with each other.

I was home that Friday afternoon – I could hear the sound of your bike coming up the road, I stepped out the back door, thinking you might stop for just a bit….but you didn’t. Earlier in the day you had played “Amazing Grace” on the fiddle at a funeral and were ready to have a little fun with friends. You loved LIFE, YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS.

365 days have passed by since I last heard the unique sound of your Harley
going by as you headed out to enjoy your LIFE. Little did we know that 1 1/4 miles up the road, minutes later, your life would be cut short….
I would hear from the school bus that there was an accident up the road……I grabbed my keys and was there in a second…..

I am blessed and haunted to have been with you at the accident scene. Blessed to know that someone who loved you in a special way was with you, to tell you to hang in there, that your mom was coming, to know that you were so very special.

Today I celebrate my dear friend, Dave Lawson and his LIFE. Super” Dave, a man who choose to live his life to the fullest. He helped anyone who needed it. He loved and cherished many people. There was no stranger with Dave. His heart for people and life was huge. I know he is with us and continues to spread his help and love everywhere. Dave believed in living each day with a huge smile and grace and courtesy everyone. His momma, Miss Betty, and his 3 sisters did teach him how to be a gentleman to the woman!!

Dave, you are missed dear friend, but never gone…the chimes are blowing in the wind.


9/11 Remembrance…Never Forget…

Today is a day of remembrance of so many lives lost in the most horrific attack on the U.S.A. 13 years ago…

In October 2013 I had the opportunity to visit New York for the first time. Growing up on the West Coast, NYC always had been on my “bucket list”. Arriving the day before the CB conference, I had an invitation from a dear friend, Sean Carpenter, to meet fellow Coldwell Banker friends that evening at O’Hara’s Pub, located across from the 9/11 Memorial. If you are ever in Lower Manhattan, I highly recommend a stop in at O’Haras’s –  so many tributes and stories of those that risked their lives to save others that day and for months to come. It was one of the few places that was able to provide food, drink and a place to rest to those giving their all to assist with rescue.

With the help of a fabulous doorman at the Wellington Hotel, I took my first subway ride down to Lower Manhattan where that terrible attack occurred. Exiting the subway and walking towards the entrance to the Memorial pools, I experienced such sadness that I had never felt in my life. Everywhere I looked there was evidence of destruction, even 12 years later. Buildings that were miles away showed how horrific this attack was. Yet, several buildings such as the Ladder 11 FDNY had minor damage…



Being alone and walking to the pools was overwhelming, yet very peaceful at the same time. I took my time just observing the surroundings and taking a few pictures. Upon reaching the South pool, I reached out and touched the names inscribed and could feel a sense of connection. I remembered my Dad sharing his first experience visiting NYC and being so proud to see the Twin Towers and the Statue of Liberty in person. This day I could feel the presence of him with me as I stood at the reflection pools and listened to the sound of the water flowing into the deep dark pools at the bottom…thinking of so many lives affected by this terrible, terrible attack. I will never forget this visit and the deep sadness I experienced.

Today, I hope that you are remembering 9/11/2001 and flying your Flag proudly. I pray that we #NeverForget. May we stand strong together U.S.A.


Predicting the NW Arkansas real estate market …

Predicting the real estate market….

ball logo

Predicting the real estate market…

The question I hear most is: “How is the real estate market, and where do you see the increase in growth in NW Arkansas in the next 3 – 5 years? 

My answer is usually – let me look into my “Crystal Ball”…  (I say, somewhat jokingly.)

Predicting the real estate market in any area is created by supply and demand. Location, location, location will always bring the better investment. As a professional real estate agent, you study past and current trends, you have lived with the growth, you are aware of what the city and county planners have on the twenty year projections; however, you can never predict human nature. What a buyer emotionally feels when entering the house will determine the value of the property. When a property is priced within their budget, in a location that they desire, that buyer is willing to pay a fair market price based on knowledgable facts from their real estate agent.

The Northwest Arkansas area draws people from all over the world to work with vendors that supply WalMart. Every product you see in a WalMart store is represented by an office here in the NWA area. Some are quite large, like Proctor & Gamble and Hershey’s, while others may be only a small one person office. Many people relocate to this area everyday bringing their families for possibly a short 3 – 5 years here. It’s important to make the right financial choice, as well as manage the emotional feelings.

Living here for 25 years, I have experienced the explosion of growth all over NWA. The scramble for this area is to keep up with the transportation, schools and housing demands. We are in a state of constant change! We have become a desirable destination to live, work and play. All indicators show the NWA area will see continued growth over the next many years. So many opportunities are here. Each day brings news of companies moving or expanding here.

If you would like to chat with me about what I see in the “crystal ball”, connect with me. I am here to share my 15 years of real estate market info with buyers and sellers in the Northwest Arkansas area.

“I predict the future is good for Northwest Arkansas!”