It’s now been 1463 days have passed….Life goes on…




As everyone gathers at the cemetery to ride in your memory, I’m sitting here feeling “yucky” thinking of the last 1463 days. Each day I pass the place I held your hand for the last time. Each day I miss you my friend. 💜


The last few days have been especially difficult for me…
Very few married woman,in my opinion,are fortunate enough to have a very, very dear male friend. One who could hop on his scoot and ride the mile up the road in his “scooby do undies” in the middle of winter to ask “You got any coffee?” We would sit around and chat for hours. Some of his adventures were more than I wanted to hear about! Over the last 10 years our friendship developed to more like a brother/sister relationship.

We could talk and share anything with each other.

I was home that Friday afternoon – I could hear the sound of your bike coming up the road, I stepped out the back door, thinking you might stop for just a bit….but you didn’t. Earlier in the day you had played “Amazing Grace” on the fiddle at a funeral and were ready to have a little fun with friends. You loved LIFE, YOUR FAMILY and FRIENDS.

365 days have passed by since I last heard the unique sound of your Harley
going by as you headed out to enjoy your LIFE. Little did we know that 1 1/4 miles up the road, minutes later, your life would be cut short….
I would hear from the school bus that there was an accident up the road……I grabbed my keys and was there in a second…..

I am blessed and haunted to have been with you at the accident scene. Blessed to know that someone who loved you in a special way was with you, to tell you to hang in there, that your mom was coming, to know that you were so very special.

Today I celebrate my dear friend, Dave Lawson and his LIFE. Super” Dave, a man who choose to live his life to the fullest. He helped anyone who needed it. He loved and cherished many people. There was no stranger with Dave. His heart for people and life was huge. I know he is with us and continues to spread his help and love everywhere. Dave believed in living each day with a huge smile and grace and courtesy everyone. His momma, Miss Betty, and his 3 sisters did teach him how to be a gentleman to the woman!!

Dave, you are missed dear friend, but never gone…the chimes are blowing in the wind.



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